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Yeah, it’s really free! And it’s really good.

Words are powerful. You already know this. Spoken words, written words…it doesn’t matter. With just a few simple, but powerful words, love affairs have been started, wars have been called off, and millions of dollars have been made by individuals and corporations who knew the power of stringing together just the right ones, in just the right order.

But, again, you already know this. And that’s why you’re reading this. I knew there was a reason I liked you!

Here is where things get a little complicated. Even perfect homebuilder copywriting and content will fall on deaf ears if it doesn’t speak to your customers. Notice, I didn’t just say customers–I said YOUR customers! That’s because, before you can wax poetic to your target audience, you need to know who they are, and what makes them dance.

And, even when you know who your customers are, and what they want, you need to say just the right thing to inspire them to get off of their couch, and into your homes. That’s where I become your favorite person!

After spending some time together, you will nearly wet yourself, when you discover that the key to driving more sales may have nothing to do with spending more marketing money–it can simply be a matter of moving some words around. Moving them around so that your conversion rates skyrocket! E-mail letters that double the number of prospects walking through your door, content that keeps your niece, Taylor, engaging with your social media followers all day, and web copy that has your competition wondering what the heck you must be giving away, that has caused the burst of sales you’ve been suddenly experiencing.

Okay, the more I talk, the more aggravated I’m getting that you haven’t called me yet! Seriously, have I not made my case yet, for why you and I should talk?! Call me, darn it!! Or, I can call you.

Here, let’s do this–you answer the questions on the Analysis Form and submit, and then I will call you, and, together, we will make magic happen!

Together, we will determine what your goals and objectives are, who your target market is, how to best reach them in a way that will get them to skip all the way to your sales center.

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