Content that reaches your customers when and where your sales people can’t.

I suck!
In fact, I suck at a lot of things!

But, there are a few things I’m good at. I’ll even go as far as saying, I’m really good at them. And, one of those things is knowing how to deliver homebuyers to your front door. Not just any homebuyers–ones who see the true value in what you offer. And, who’ll pay you, handsomely, for it!

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This is How I Can Transform Your Business

Homebuilding, Real Estate, Senior Living, and Mortgages. I know these things, well! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a good writer can write about anything. In the same way, you wouldn’t hire a carpenter to work on your car, just because they use some of the same tools, hiring a writer who isn’t already an expert in your industry, can be costly. As a sales and marketing expert in the above industries, I don’t have to waste time (ie: your money) on research. I can deliver content that kills, without even breaking a sweat.

Content Marketing

Even for strong copywriters, the most difficult part of writing is, often, coming up with content to write about. That happens to be my strong suit.

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Homebuilders often think that homes sell themselves, and forget just how important copywriting is to their marketing efforts. Often, the message is wrong–not the tactic.

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Sales Training

One of the reasons why I am sought after for homebuilder marketing is because I have an expert-level of competence in new home sales.

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Web Design & Copywriting

Long gone are the days, when your homebuyers depended on your salesperson and brochures as the sole means for learning all about your homes and communities.

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Brochures & Branding

Your company is really good at certain things. Better than most! Did you know that? If not, there’s not a chance that your customers know what those things are.

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Call me, text me, e-mail me…whatever your cup of tea is. (I don’t even know what that means!)

We can start with just a quick conversation. If things go well, we can have another. I promise to give you an honest assessment of what you’re currently doing. My guess is that there are plenty of things we can tweak that will be cheap and easy, that will make a big impact. And then…you’ll be thrilled to pay me more money.

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